Meet the Team

Nonnie McVeigh

Nonnie serves on the International Board of Directors and has been the National President of Aglow in Britain since 2003. Nonnie is a powerful and prophetic leader and communicator, and her passion for the manifest presence of God and the Word has shaped her life and her ministry. Nonnie’s greatest desire is to see individuals and nations walk in the fullness and favour of Christ

Elizabeth De Silva

Liz serves on the national team as VP of Leadership Development and Finance. Liz’s desire is to develop leaders who live and lead from the realm of the Kingdom. She is passionate about the power of giving; and raising the level of finances and resources to a place that is in alignment with God’s will and purpose for Aglow.

Glenys Macdonald

Glenys serves on National team as VP for Israel and Islam, her desire is to educate and bring awareness of God’s heart for Israel and His purposes for the Muslim people. Glenys’ heart and passion is to show who Jesus is and who He is for us and to share that love with others.

Doreen Henry

Doreen serves on the National team as VP of Administration and Affiliations and as the President of the London & S.E. Area Aglow. Doreen has a passion and desire to see people transformed by the power of God that will lead them to flourish in their God-given destiny.

Helen Hunter

Helen serves on National board as VP of Eastern Europe and Membership. Helen oversees our five Eastern European nations. She has a heart to see people transformed, healed and set free through the teaching and preaching of God’s Word and the practical application of God’s Love in action. The ‘Great Commission’ as found in Matthew 28 vs 18 – 20 is central to her life.

Vanessa Wilthew

Vanessa serves on National board as VP of Conferences. Her heart is to draw out God given giftings and enable people to reach their fullness in God that will enrich their sphere of influence. Vanessa uses her creative gifting in producing Aglow graphics to resource the Aglow leadership.