Life Stories

Isn’t it amazing when you hear other peoples’ experiences of what God has done in their lives! It’s always such an encouragement to know that there are other people out there who have seen God intervene and change situations! It means we can rejoice together as people share the goodness, faithfulness and unbeatable love of God for us!

It’s also great to hear about how Aglow has impacted peoples’ lives, and the difference that Aglow has made to individual women and men across this nation!

Below you will see some short ‘one-liners’ that give glory to God for the impact that He is making in people, through Aglow.


I do not think I would ever have dreamed of doing some of the things I am doing now nor going to places Aglow has given me the opportunity to go. My life is far richer since becoming a Christian, serving in this ministry, and in my church.


Aglow has been a safe place where I have been allowed to do things that have helped me to grow in confidence over the years. I started by taking phone calls and bookings, and registering people at meetings, and now I serve as Local President, which I love! In so doing Aglow has equipped me to serve in a leading role in my local church as well, working closely with my vicar.


Aglow’s vision and alignment with God’s principles and ways empowers me to be the person of destiny God wants me to be


Being part of Aglow has transformed the way I see myself, I can now look at myself how God sees me and I am not insecure anymore!


Aglow has helped me ‘enlarge the place of my tent’, and has been a great support through trials. Aglow has helped my journey with the Lord.


Aglow has given me a deeper understanding of Israel.


Aglow has helped me to take up my position in Christ especially in worship. God has taught me and helped me to sing and worship in the anointing of His Spirit.


The Aglow meetings do not come quick enough! I really enjoy them – I go there to meet with GOD and I never fail to encounter Him. How wonderful it is to never feel I am alone. I still remember before JESUS found me and I gave Him my heart how so alone and lost I was. I now have a full and lively life! Love all you Aglow Ladies


Aglow has given me a new relationship with God. It encourages me to believe in myself and trust in God’s unfailing love for me and most of all I AM FORGIVEN