Aglow International (Britain)

Men of Issachar, Aglow International!

That’s right, it’s not just for the ladies anymore! In 2005, Aglow for Men began in Britain.

After recent discussions at the Aglow Headquarters Office, it has been decided that Men of Aglow, or Men’s Aglow, would officially become Men of Issachar, Aglow International. Any Aglow group comprised of men will now be called a Men of Issachar group.

The Men of Issachar prayer network is now an intricate part of the Men of Issachar, Aglow International. With a discerning and understanding of the times, men are invited to join together and bring a godly influence and change into their sphere of influence by being a carrier of His Presence in the earth.

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There are Men of Issachar groups established and meeting regularly in Peterhead, Llandudno, Ayrshire, Southport, St Helens, Lowestoft, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne and Isle of Man with more groups in the making as men are getting together to pray in various regions across the country.

We are dependent on the leading of the Holy Spirit within this movement amongst men. We believe it is a movement of God, coming alongside those who have a heart for evangelism, to train, equip, support and encourage them in outreach.

In Llandudno the men meet monthly for a Saturday Breakfast. Every month men are coming with needs in their lives, including many homeless men. All are welcomed in and God has touched many lives. In the summer one young man living on the streets received Jesus as his Saviour just two weeks before he sadly died - just in time God saved him! Homeless men have been coming down from the cave on the Great Orme to find breakfast and Jesus awaiting them. We have seen addicts receive Christ and we work with them to see them set completely free.

A young pastor shared a story from the first men of Isaachar meeting in St Helens. "One of our members turned up at church last night at 6pm for the meeting. However it started at 7pm and no one was there so he went off to the library for a bit. Whilst there he bumped into a work colleague who hadn't been in work for a couple months because he'd been suffering with severe abdominal pains. Having been to the hospital for scans and examinations by consultants they couldn't see anything wrong. When our member said he had to leave to go to the meeting this guy said he had to go home also so they left... Turns out he lives in the flats opposite the church, so our member invited him in to the meeting. He came in. He stayed the whole time. We prayed for him. He asked for healing. He said the pain was going. Words of knowledge were spoken over him and he experienced God. Love God encounters. An invitation is powerful."

Aglow International for Men is Apostolic and prophetic, a Holy Spirit led movement for men to reach out to men, as Aglow has sought to minister to women for more than 30 years.

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