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Tom's story - UPDATE

Whoever you have been praying to is the reason Tom has come through this. It is a miracle!

After Tom came home from hospital, we were awaiting a decision on his custom bone; usually a titanium plate is used but due to the size of Tom’s missing skull (almost 50%) his neurosurgeon didn’t want to use it but instead wanted to use a custom bone, a relatively new procedure. It is a type of synthetic material that mimics natural bone so it should knit to the other half of Toms skull over 12 months. It had only been used twice in the UK before but it was only a very small piece - never has one been performed on such a large area before. At first Tom was turned down but ultimately he was awarded the very expensive custom bone.

I was told again I may lose my son and all the risks around this type of surgery I was asked to sign a consent form I did not have to sign before because Tom was an emergency and was taken straight to theatre. This time they wanted my permission - I struggled with this so I prayed and the Lord gave me Ephesians 4v16 (NLT) on the morning of Tom’s operation. The whole body is fitted together perfectly as each part does its own special work it helps other parts grow, so the whole body is healthy and growing together and full of love. This was confirmation for me from the Lord Tom was in His hands. Tom was in theatre for 5 hours and was on special care afterwards. He was very poorly for a few days and gave us a few scares but the troops rallied around and covered him in prayer and he came home within a couple of weeks.

Tom has overcome so much over recent months He went back to school where a retired Christian teacher came in voluntary 2hrs a week to teach Tom. He could not do anything, he had to relearn everything. The doctors told us Tom would never access main stream education, but we did not believe that, and he went from 2hours a week increasing weekly.

Tom now goes to college full time! He is doing a diploma in sports and leisure and maths and English! Tom is doing his course in sports and playing in the college football academy.

One of the amazing doctors that has been a huge part of our lives since Tom’s accident said “Tom is an inspiration - there were several times I thought we were going to have to tell you that Tom isn’t going to survive, and even when we knew Tom would survive we didn’t think you would be getting the Tom you knew back.” He said watching Tom on the dance floor with his friends at his school prom was impossible with the injuries Tom sustained - walking and talking and interacting the way he is, is apparently not possible!

The doctor continued to say that whoever I have been praying to is what has brought Tom through as there is no other explanation – he admits that it is a miracle.

We know Tom is the first to survive such injuries and to have such pioneering surgery but our God is awesome and He has brought Tom through all this for His Glory.

Mandy Buckett (Tom’s mum)

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