Aglow International (Britain)

Dave's Story

My night at Aglow...

What a night it turned out to be! A couple of years ago my wife and I went to an Aglow Open Meeting (for men and women) - it was our wedding anniversary and in my mind I felt like I was getting cheated out of a night where it should have been just the two of us celebrating, instead we were going to an Aglow meeting and sharing a meal and our time with others.

Sadly, my walls were already up before I got there, and as we listened to the speaker, who was very good, in my mind I was trying to find faults with him, I even Googled him when we got home to try and prove he was wrong and I was right! Towards the end of the evening the speaker called people up for prayer and my wife went out, but I just wanted to go home – I was so negative, trying to pick fault all through the meeting! But God was doing something…

My wife, on the receiving end of my negativity, told me that she was going to pray for God to wake me up. That night and the next I slept terribly, and on the third night I had a vivid dream - I dreamt that I was standing on the edge of a very high cliff looking down, but instead of seeing the bottom all I could see was complete darkness, pitch black, and I was scared. When I awoke I realised, that darkness, the pitch black, was a life without God!!!

From that meeting and the subsequent dream things changed dramatically for me, I started to read the Bible and God really started to reveal his Word to me, it became alive and exciting! I feel so much closer to God and feel that I now really do have relationship with Him - praise God, and thank you to Aglow – it was that meeting that started that process in me, and now I go to all the open meetings with my wife!

- Dave