Aglow International (Britain)

Wigan Generations

Wigan Generations is a fantastic community project that has been running since 2011. It is evolving and changing all the time, but the focus remains the same. We offer friendship and support to young people who, for whatever reason, have been homeless and are in need of housing and support, and also those who leave the housing to live independently.

One young lady who was really struggling with life gave her heart to Jesus recently, is attending her local church, comes along regularly to our Wigan Aglow outreach meeting, and even secured a job! We just praise God for His faithfulness and goodness in this young life! I've also had some wonderful conversations with another young lady, and in November she gave her life to Jesus over the phone with me! She also now attends a local church, and comes to the Aglow outreaches when she can.

Recently another young woman texted to say she'd moved out of the Supported Accommodation and into her own home. She has a little girl and asked us to visit her there. The Lord continues to open doors and keeps our relationships strong - He is clearly going to do some amazing things in her life too!

One young man, who was estranged from his foster mum, has now been reunited with her and they, once again, have a good relationship. This is a man who has had issues with anger and violence against his foster parents. He knows about Jesus, he came to a Christmas meeting with us and prayed out to Jesus with everyone else. He recently came to find us to tell us how he had been reunited with his mum. It was wonderful to see the delight on his face. He came especially to tell us. It was incredible to hear this young man say "it doesn't matter what's gone on in the past does it, we can forget that and be together again". The love of God brought him hope and changed him, enabling him to have loving relationships.

This is our God, changing the game to win-win!