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True Colours

Claire Hine, Julie Barlow and Gill Tambling are 3 incredible women who are seeing the heart and purposes of God working in the South West.

TRUE COLOURS is the umbrella name for the Generations work that has developed over the last few years, in which four particular initiatives have been so powerful and life changing for the families and individuals involved. Claire and the team have created these life changing groups, and they have seen so much fruit that the local councils and national organisations are promoting them and advocating them for families in the area. Mums of Fascinating Kids, TopGear Ignition, Beauty4Ashes, and Square Peg.

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Claire shares her heart for these TRUE COLOURS below:

Families... families are the building blocks of society, the unit of life God created for the world to prosper, and the thing that is most attacked by the enemy. If he can attack the cells with sickness, as in a body, the whole is made sick. Our families are experiencing an unprecedented attack through breakdown in marriages, family and the children desensitised, brutalised, exploited, neglected, abused and immoral, due to breakdown. BUT GOD!

As breakdown and pain, depression and isolation through shame grip, people in response, hide, "behind closed doors", feeling the weight of dark judgement, isolation and "it's only me going through this",BUT GOD! He sees the hearts, He is drawn to the cry.

A child in need makes a parent cry out in a way no other cry can equal, love cries out and God hears the cry.

I cried out for my own son, "God there has to be an answer to this, not just for my son but for us all, does anyone really care? Does anyone know what this is like?" Autism, mental health, special needs, disability, disfunctioning minds and bodies in pain, one way or another, cause a parent to cry out.

From that cry came answers for me personally through prayer, prophetic words, compassion, favour, making a difference, knowledge that empowers, contacts that facilitated change, relationships of empowerment, influence to help others, and a network to support where others break and fall down. In a society that almost seems to have a communication disorder itself... "Mums of Fascinating Kids”, network became our God given love strategy to network all of this together.

"God puts the orphans in families."

Alongside MoFK came "TopGear Ignition", a guys gaming night for dads and lads to "turn hearts of fathers to sons, and sons to fathers" in a recognition that we can help the families, but FATHERING, is the very root of the problem. Mentoring and fathering, 8 to 80's meeting to do adventures, challenges, fun together, was a root of families. This became our guys night, a real healing event.

Simultaneously, "Beauty4ashes", for the girls... girls with eating disorders, bad role models, body images problems, sexualisation of female form, self-harm, depression, bi-polar etc... our girls not knowing who they are, and that it’s a lie that a man completes you... in God's maths, only two wholes make a whole!

We started culturally relevant workshops that kids get; drama, vocal coaching, jewellery making and fashion, etc… to facilitate healing to the heart of a woman, through beauty within and without. Self-discovery of who we are in the mirror of heaven, not earth.

We ran these only partially understanding what Father was doing, in obedience and complete joy!

Most recently came "Square Peg", the piece of the puzzle that makes the picture make sense!

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