Aglow International (Britain)

Biddulph: GEMs

GEMs... God Encouraging Mums! A local group in Biddulph, Midlands, which reaches out to single parents and those struggling with life. Teaching cooking and caring for the family to mums, in a very relaxed environment, whilst gently introducing them to Jesus and the message of His love. With our relaxed coffee morning approach and a hands on craft/activity, parents as well as children can participate in if they choose to.

At one meeting, one of our ladies demonstrated the making (and baking) of fruit scones. These were duly eaten by us! It was suprising to hear how many of us have tried to make scones but for one reason or another they have not turned out as expected! Now we all have no excuse!

We've made soup, we've made Christmas cards, and the creativity is flowing more and more! And in the relaxed setting one of the ladies will bring a brief but encouraging word or story from the Bible, relating it to our real life situations today... we've received great feedback that the women are finding this really helpful - we know that there will be stories of lives changed and prayers answered as this group develops more and more!

If you would like to find out more about this group, please go to contact us to get in touch.