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HelenaAbout 300 ladies attended the meeting and over 30 repented and received Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord.

We have a fantastic update from Helena about the Aglow work in the Ukraine – read what she has to say!

The Prison ministry in Odessa is really blessed and we are expanding follow-up programmes with the ladies who are released from the prison. We meet them, help them to get to the Rehab-center and then contact them over the phone to find out how is everything going. New ladies from different churches are joined to this ministry. We appreciate Aglow ladies from Britain for the financial support and prayers... It brings real help for the ladies when they get some food and clothes in times of their new lives starting.

God is moving powerfully through Aglow in Ukraine! Let us praise God together for the lives that are being touched, changed and transformed by the power of the Gospel!

Hospital visits | Pro-Life teaching in clinics & schools | Orphanages | Prison ministry

Aglow works regularly and effectively in 2 prisons in Ukraine; one women’s prison, and one men’s prison working specifically with teenage boys. Helena, the National Leader, along with other Aglow women meet in the women’s prison every Sunday and bring encouragement and teaching to the Christian prisoners. But that’s not all! 3 to 4 times a year they hold a special meeting in a large hall for all the women in the prison! The most recent event was held on Mother’s Day, and 450 women came! There was a great response to the Gospel call as women accepted Jesus as their Lord. The following day the leaders met with about 40 of the women, 7 of whom received Christ. Praise God!

Aglow women go to an orphanage every Saturday and bring the children back to the Church centre where there is a meal prepared for them! They teach the children the Bible, teach them about God and how to pray. Not only do we as Aglow meet spiritual needs, but practical needs also – the children are taught how to bake cakes and pies, and how to make soup! Many of these children have started to attend the Church youth group because of the work of the Aglow women are doing.

The difference YOU can make! Here are 2 short examples that highlight the amazing difference that one woman can make.

In the Donetsk Region one woman brings 3 or 4 different orphans to her home each weekend from the local orphanage. She receives no help from the orphanage and uses her own resources to feed and clothe the children.

Another woman from Odessa uses her own home to house some of the many street children in her area.

An opportunity to be part of something bigger! Aglow International (Britain) regularly sends financial support to the Ukraine National Committee, in order to support and strengthen the work these faithful women are doing in their nation. The resources are used to supply medicines and toiletries for the prisoners, to help with conference and travel expenses for the leaders, so that they can fulfil their roles as leaders in the nation more effectively. The funds are also used to sow into the outreach and community works that have been highlighted above.

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