Aglow International (Britain)



Marina Samoil [pictured left] has been the National Leader for a number of years, and Marina works alongside Tamara Sandul in the form of a National Committee. These 2 ladies have been working to form new groups, encourage old groups, and have been working in various places in Moldova to reach into the lives of lonely and vulnerable people, as well as encouraging the women in their own walks with God.

In 2014 the focus was more on developing the Capital Prayer Group where they practice monthly prayer walking, praying for their Parliament, Government and President. Marina teaches the prayer group on effective praying and this group is growing in number.

Aglow in Britain is still supporting Marina and the team in prayer and with finances, and with encouragement. Marina has expressed how grateful she is for the times she is able to come to the National Conferences in Britain, and also the conferences for the European Leaders. These are times that she receives vision, impartation, and the strength to continue the work in Moldova.

Marina recently wrote to us saying “I wish to thank the Aglow Britain Board for the invitation and the financial support which made it possible for me to attend the European Conference in Krakow and join the wonderful Aglow family. Graham Cook’s messages are truly life changing and I, personally, came from this conference with a changed, renewed and positive mind and attitude. My greatest desire is to be a person that God will work through to change lives and to be able to share this message with other women from my nation. God bless you!”

Marina recently talked to a pastor of a small church from Chisinau and he has given her permission to use the meeting room (till autumn 2015) for prayer meetings and other events with Aglow. She is planning to share all the messages from the Krakow conference with women at 2-3 seminars. The meeting room provides seating for about 30 people.

Continue to pray for Marina and Tamara, and all the local leaders of Aglow in Moldova, as they really are doing Kingdom work in their nation, and are an inspiration to us. Pray for strength, wisdom and strategy as they seek God’s new and best plan for the work of Aglow in their nation.

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