Aglow International (Britain)

Jesus said “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations...” (Mark 11:17)

Did you know that inscribed at the top of Big Ben’s Watch Tower are the words “All through this hour, Lord be my guide; and by thy power, no foot shall slide”... God is in the process of healing our land, and what happens in the natural world is a reflection of what has already been established in the spiritual realm.

It was God’s original purpose and design for us to reign on this earth (Genesis 1) and His intention for us has never changed. Does it stir a passion and an excitement in you when you think of what can be accomplished through the prayers of the saints? It is in prayer, in proclamation and decrees, and in worship that we will see the purposes of God established in our land!

Prayer is the foundation and a powerful key to Aglow International – we have many groups meeting to pray throughout the nation; praying for the local outreach events that people will receive the gospel of Jesus, praying for the leaders of Aglow that God’s purposes will be accomplished through this ministry, praying for our government, our nation, and the nations of the world! We have a global vision and we know that prayer is the key to the Kingdom of God being established on the earth!

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Monday 4th to Friday 29th of March 2019

The United Kingdom & "BREXIT"

Dear Intercessors,

As negotiations continue to intensify, we are calling for 26 days of prayer and fasting starting from. 4th to 29th of March 2019.

You can set a time on your own, pray in groups on the phone, SKYPE or at your meetings. If for various reason you cannot fast your PRAYERS are still of great asset, SO PRAY.

Prayer Points and Declarations:

Please Note: If the Prime Minister's deal is rejected by MPs on the 12th of March, Parliament will then be asked to vote the next day – 13th March on leaving without a deal. If rejected, MPs will be asked to vote on the extension of Article 50 to delay Brexit beyond March 29th and no later than end of June.

  • Pray for PM Theresa May, her Cabinet and all MPs. Declare God's wisdom, loyalty, integrity and clarity over them. Pray that God will intervene and that His perfect will be done for the good of the Nation; for the Most High God rules in the affairs of men and His counsel will always stand. Daniel 4:17.
  • "There are many plans in a man's hearth nevertheless the Lord's counsel – that will stand." Proverbs: 19:21.
  • Declare the mercy and grace of God over all government leaders to bring harmony and a sense of common purpose for the good and prosperity of the Nation.
  • Declare that every stronghold of deception, chaos, confusion, and divisions be crushed and that God's favour and peace will be poured out over the Nation.
  • Pray for genuine trade agreements and businesses that will benefit the Nation, for it is God that prospers a nation. Deuteronomy 8:18.
  • Declare that the people of the UK will have faith in God. Declare that there will be a fresh dependency upon God with fresh hope for the present and the future. 2 Chronicles 7:12-18.
  • Pray for the European Parliament.

Job 22:27-28 "You will make your prayers to Him...You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways."

Declare God's light to shine upon the UK for such a TIME as this. Remember BREXIT is in God's hands.

Yours in Christ,
Georgina Danso
Prayer co-ordinator

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