Aglow International (Britain)

Generations Events

Keep an eye on this page to find out where the Generations events are happening, and when Generations is coming to your area! More events will be posted soon, so keep checking back!

Wherever there is a Generations event, young people encounter the living God in an amazing way that stirs them to keep living with and for God! Many times we see young people meet Jesus for the first time, and it's so great to lead them into that brilliant relationship with Him!

We had an amazing time with Philippa Hanna and the Daughters of Davis at our Generations Session at the Aglow National Conference in October 2013!

Young lives heard the love and life of the Gospel through contemporary music, hearing about how God sees them, and how beautiful, wonderful and unique they are in Him! Many met with God in a way that has strengthened and encouraged them to keep on with God, and to be confident in who He has created them to be!