Aglow International (Britain)

The Generations Project

Do you see things around you that you know could be different? Do you wish you could do something? Do you want to be more active in making a difference? Join the Generations Project and you can BE THE CHANGE!

Things don’t have to stay the way they are, and the Generations Project, as part of Aglow International, is looking specifically for unmet needs in the community to seek out ways to make a positive change in our society!

We know the gospel is the power of God for salvation, and we know Jesus is the answer, whatever the question! But we must be the salt and the light in the dark places; we must be His hands and feet. Don’t hide out and hope that things will change - BE THE CHANGE!

Hannah would never speak, now she sings!I didn’t think I could do anything for God, having 2 young children, but through Generations I have found purpose and know I am making a difference to other young mums!I met Jesus through Generations, He’s changing my life!

Our vision:

* To encourage and develop healthy relationships between young people. Positively changing lives, affecting the culture, and impacting the world we live in.

* To bring a different voice to the world around us, and not an echo of what the world tells us to be.

* To build relationships with those from all walks of life and help them come to know the love of Jesus.

* To promote a Biblical world-view on current world-issues.

* To show the difference between a relationship with Jesus and religion.

* To be an integral part of Aglow International, developing relationships with those already established in Aglow.

* To walk hand in hand with all generations; learning, encouraging, and honouring one another.

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Get connected with our Aglow Generations Facebook Group

We are an ‘Online generations group’ so if you cannot join a Generations Group in person, then you can be added to our Facebook group and become part of our online community. We connect to study ‘Life Changers and Game Changers together, we also pray for and encourage each other.

The Generations Project is in over 40 nations! So how do I get involved?

Becoming part of a Generations group is easy! Join a current Generations group or become a Generations leader and start your own group. It can take place at your school, university, workplace, home, or can focus on a cause or

unmet need in the community. You can be a part of a group made up of kids, teens, 20’s, young professionals

and/or young families. The possibilities are endless! Join a current Aglow Group as a Generations member, and help them reach out to young people in your area.