Aglow International (Britain)

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Aglow holds a National Conference every October which is open to everyone... men and women, members and non-members alike! We always have great visiting speakers and often guest musicians, and we encourage as many of our members to attend as possible. This is a conference packed with teaching and worship, as well as vision sharing and more about the direction the Lord is taking us as we go forward. These are a wonderful times of encouragement, teaching and challenge... we always go home having been well fed!

Below are a list of Aglow events coming soon!

National Conference Southport Theatre and Convention Center 12-14th October 2018

Generations Gathering - Southport Theatre and Convention Center Saturday 13th October 2018

Scotland Israel/Islam Teaching Day 22nd Sept 2018

All our events are open to men and women, to Aglow members and non-members alike, unless stated otherwise. Our National Conference in October is our Annual Conference in Southport. All other events are regional or local.

The Generations Project holds events at various times thoughout the year, at different venues across the country. Click here to find out more about these great events!